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  • We are proud of two eminent Odia of 20th century whether they are recognised with awards or certificates or not.They ...
  • Khoka bhainkara ichha thila se mrutyu pare janhare gotie kalanka hoi rahibe'.Means he wants to see the beautiful world from ...
  • i respect akahaya sir who is a legane of oriya music.

An artist, a singer, a music composer, a lyricist, a writer, sometimes a film director, all packed into one genius person. Let it be music or literature, you find Akshaya Mohanty popularly known as Khoka Bhai, every where. He is supposed to be the pioneer of the oDiA modern music. He gave oDiA music a different identity. Khoka Bhai is perhaps, the only Musician of oDishA who has made music for every age, for every reason, for every mood, for every atmosphere, and also for every occasion. His songs are huge hits till date. But, this gifted singer always wanted to be a player, but singing was thrust upon him, and he did his best to live up to it.

Akshaya was also known for his seamless creativity and rooted modernism. As an artist he rather wanted to be known as “Kalankita Nayak”, since he was a great impressionist. Probably he was much more popular than even the cinema actors of his time. He has become the household name in oDishA, daring, experimenting and heart-ruled. He has influenced a complete generation. His fellow people called him “Athaya- the restless”, instead of Akshaya, as he had always kept himself engaged in search of something new. He seldom feared anybody; he did what he pleased to do. Akshaya was a prolific reader too.


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